Move The Beat's
Our years of experience are driven by our passion for teaching individuals of all ages how to dance. Dance is one of the only activities that stimulate all three types of learning and are proven over and over to improve a person’s health and overall well being. When a student can express themselves physically, cognitively, and emotionally through an activity all areas of the brain are stimulated, strengthening body and mind.
Exposing young children to dance positively impacts their intelligence and mark on society. Through dance they learn patience, respect, responsibility, and gain self confidence which will aid them in good decision making as they enter their adolescent years.
Introducing adolescents and young adults to dance, allows them to build self esteem and ownership of the person they are developing into. It gives them a chance to express what they are feeling without the stress and judgment they can experience from peer pressure and society.
When adults are given the opportunity to learn dance, they re-discover something about themselves - forgotten or perhaps never unleashed. They find a new identity; not as a husband, wife, mother, businessman, etc., but who they are as a creative and expressive intelligent individual.

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