Group Classes

Group dance lessons provide you the opportunity to learn new patterns and practice your dance skills in a fun, social setting with other dancers at your level.

Adult Group
Dance Classes

Our class structure is designed with today's on-the-go adult in mind, offering a variety of classes and flexible payment options. Move The Beat's Drop-In Group Classes allow you to sample the wide range of styles offered with new dance content taught every week.
Our Adult Series Group Classes are four consecutive weeks of the same style giving you a great foundation in that dance. Couples are always welcome, but no partner is necessary for any of our Group Classes!

Drop-In Group Classes

We’ll keep you on your toes as we introduce you to a different dance combination every week! One week may be swing, the next week salsa, the following waltz and more. These are all-level group classes where you are sure to have an amazing time, break a sweat, and leave with some hot new moves!

Practice Party

Dance the night away as Move The Beat's DJ plays a variety of music while our instructors float around the floor helping you implement the steps and techniques you have been working on in a social setting. These Friday night themed dance parties are designed as a fun guided practice for any level dancer, include an all-level group dance class, light refreshments, and are always open to the public.
Variety Drop In Fridays

Date: 4/9/21 – 4/23/21
Time: 7:30 – 8:15 PM
Age: 18+yrs
Punch Card: $13/class

Spring Fling Dance Party

Date: 4/16/21
Time: 7:30 – 9 PM
Age: All Ages
Punch Card: $13/class

Adult Series Group Class

Our Series classes focus on a variety of step combinations, styling options, and layers of technique in every four week session. Whether you have been dancing for years or are just beginning your journey, Move The Beat's Adult Series is a fun-filled opportunity to dance every week!

Zouk        18+yrs    7:30-8:15pm       Tuesdays      4/6/21-4/27/21

Bachata  18+yrs    7:30-8:15pm       Tuesdays      5/4/21-5/25/21

Salsa       18+yrs     7:30-8:15pm        Tuesdays     6/1/21-6/22/21

Choose any Single Session: $83
Choose any Two Sessions: $150 (10% off)
Choose all Three Sessions: $212 (15% off)
(additional cash discounts available in studio)


Do I need a partner?

No partner is necessary for private dance lessons. Your instructor will partner you for your private lessons.

What if I have never danced before?

That is absolutely okay! Private dance lessons are a great way to get started. They allow you to work one-on-one with an instructor to move at your pace, with your learning style, and focus on your personal goals.

What if I have danced before?

That’s awesome! We pair you with an instructor that will help you reach your goals at times and dates that are convenient for you.

What do I wear to class?

When it comes to ballroom classes, it is nice to dress it up a little bit with business casual, but you will want to wear what you feel most comfortable moving in. Dance shoes are ideal however, any hard sole shoe will work. We always recommend bringing a change of shoe for the safety of all of the dancers on the floor and to protect the dance floor itself. You can find dance attire here!

How long will it take me to get good?

Our job is to always help you reach your goals as fast as possible and have fun! We like to say the timeline for learning to dance is similar to the time it took to learn the skills within your current career. After the first day on the job you probably knew where the bathroom was and who your superiors were; that was only eight hours. After a 40 hour work week you felt more comfortable and could perform your tasks without supervision. How long did it take for you to become truly proficient….how long for your first promotion…etc.

Our Weekly Schedule

Our Weekly Schedule

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